Me, Myself, and I.

NAME: Hollie Rowe-Roberts
AGE: 20
HOME: Guildford/Alderney
NOTICEABLE FEATURE: I'm a short-ass with stumpy limbs! (arms, legs, fingers, toes etc!!!)

LOVE: Cherry Tomatoes, Potatoes, Galaxy Caramel, Sunshine, Shoes, Flowers, Big statement jewelry, Chunky Jumpers, High-waisted clothes, Cocktails, Kittens, Lipstick/Blusher/Eyeliner/Nail Varnish, Vintage

HATE: Nuts, Yoghurt, Curry, Egos, Wind, Hair that desperately needs to be cut, Dying and Ill things, My Kidneys!

Top Designers: Matthew Williamson, Celine, St John, Mulberry, John Galliano, Erdem

Top Shops: American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Beyond Retro, H n M, Topshop

Top Styles: Faux Fur, Wedges, Fishtail Plaits, Statement Jewelry, Paneled Leggings, Trousers, Sheer Blouses, Sequins

I can't help it when I watch people on TV and I style them completely differently. I also can't help but know where most people's clothes come from (if its high-street)! I am TOTALLY obsessed with Fashion/Music/Art.

I have a problem when it comes to shopping on ebay...

My week at London College of Fashion showed me EXACTLY what I want to be doing.



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