Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunshine and Champagne

Having NEVER been to a wedding before, this weekend I will enjoy my first. There will be sunshine and champagne, as well as fun happy times all around!
Now as I have never been, I thought I would play it safe with my outfit (even though I have been debating it for a LONG time now!) I am going for a Little Black Dress with some sexy crossover stilettos and a gorgeous little vintage clutch. Accessories-wise I am using my beautiful 18th birthday jewellry for the special occasion. And I plan to have simple eyes with bold red lips to give the look a little umph!
Simply Chic?

Wanna be a little more bold?

Any wedding-goers out there? Any Style-tips?

Let me know what you think!!


1 comment:

MadeByJulietta said...

When it comes to a wedding don't wear white or black .. Go for a fitted pencil type dress in a non dull like colour..Length should be either just above your knee or at your knee out of respect for the bride....with your vintage clutch,Your 18th birthday jewellery, your cross over stilettos and your makeup you described ;) Then take pics and put it on your blog lol good luck xx


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