Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Festival Chic

If you, unlike me, are heading out to one of those EPIC festivals this year that I wish I could go to, then check out this collection of hot things to take with you so you look chic the whole weekend, despite the dirt and smell!

Can't go anywhere without a huge feathery boho accessory

Topshop checked shirt to throw over anything, come rain or shine!

To capture the moments in true vintage style
 When even the dry shampoo has stopped hiding that mess!
 Headscarves hold it all in place!

Crochet ANYTHING is totally hot hippy style this year

Tents, cars, and a smile 

Knee high socks to keep the toesies warm ALL weekend!


Nothing says festival like levis

 When all else fails lipstick can save you!

Small but punky and chic - to keep all those little extras around!

If you are off to a festival, then be warned, I am UNBELIEVABLY JEALOUS OF YOU!



Cinderella's Closet said...

I love the boho accessory in this post along with the plaid shirt, knee high socks with booties & last but not least the crocheted top. Fab post doll!

By chance do you know where to get the boho necklace on your post?


Cinderella's Closet NYC

Amanda said...

what a great post! love love love the lipstick :)



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