Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Royal Influence

This week I have been interning at a local newspaper, and, although I really couldn't care less, it has really got me thinking about the Royal Wedding. 
The media has gone into a frenzy about this event, but to be honest I really haven't thought about it. 
The BBC released an article on the impact of Kate Middleton on the fashion industry and how her sense of style will effect peoples choice. I was aware that Kate's wedding dress was top secret and noone is entirely sure who the designer of the piece will be, but I had no idea that her style had already had such an influence already. Copies of her £399 Issa engagement dress have been sold almost everywhere; Michelle Obama had a similar effect after becoming the First Lady and boosting designer Jason Wu into the limelight. 
Editor of British Vogue Anna Wintour says she thinks there is room in fashion for the likes of Kate Middleton as well as Lady Gaga. She also says that the future wife is sure to make 'some wise choices.'
I think that the days are long gone where everyone wanted to dress the same. It's much more about individual spirit and individual statement and I think that is part of the enjoyment of fashion today that is it so eclectic.

Does Kate Middleton have an effect on people's individual 'spirits' then? Does the Royal family really have that much influence over our country? At least Middleton is a typical 
English Rose.



Kashi said...

Even I don't really care, I'm glad there will be bank holiday ;)
And I have to say I quite like her style.
Thanks for this post :)


Cookie said...

she must be so happy! She is getting maried to a future king!wow

Ella said...

I think she has a great style !
Your blog is cool, I love your posts :)

Shulamit said...

no one cares. lol. she is not Diana. I don't think there will ever be. which is sad to me. But I do like her style and feel those that copy other's style are not creative. being influenced is one thing, we are ALL influenced by others' style but we do not copy them to a 'T.' Great post


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