Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring styles 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 style encompasses everything you could want from fashion. In the way of patterns bold prints are huge whilst minimalist plain items remain gorgeous. One particular item which is absolutely necessary this year is a maxi skirt. Designer label Jil Sander gave this style a whole new level with the neon structured skirts they showed off at fashion week. Teamed with a plain white t-shirt this look is hot. Whilst maxi is often very boho, midi skirts are huge in street style. It used to be the mini-skirt that stood out, but knee-length skirts have made a huge impact this year. Consider some cute little ankle socks and a sheer blouse for a slightly preppy look, a floral crop top for boho, or just a short sleeved silk shirt for a bit of sophisticated chic. By the way of materials, crochet is hippy-gorgeous and perfect for summer festivals/beach days. Silk shirts stay stylish as they have for the past few seasons, giving any look a little edge. Clogs, bum-bags and colourful eyewear give your summer wardrobe a bit of fun, contrasting to the neutral make-up that we see every summer. Hot red lipstick and hot red nails are amazing, as is big vampy hair. If big-hair isn’t your thing, try a scruffy fishtail plait or a high-head pony.
In all, Spring/summer fashion this year is about having fun. Express yourself with some gorgeous little pieces and enjoy the best time of year!


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D I N A B E L L A said...

The skirt is beautiful...


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