Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood 2011

Amanda Seyfried stars as Little Red Riding Hood this March in a very Twilight-esque film (directed by previous Twilight director Catherine Hardwick) alongside Gary Oldman. There are some very raunchy parts, and some incredibly scary parts. Having not seen the film yet I cannot review, but so far I am unimpressed. Whilst the concept and acting looks pretty good, the whole atmosphere is unoriginal and seems to be riding on the fact it is similar to Twilight to get noticed. Amanda Seyfried herself, whilst a decent actress and extraordinarily beautiful, seems to me to be way too timid to play such a dark role. Perhaps this is her breaking away from the soppy love-story characters she has been playing for the past few years (i.e. Dear John, Letters to Juliet, and Mamma Mia). Drawing on gothic themes of the small town medieval village gives the setting a little more of an edge than the modern day setting that could have been. Seyfried explains that 
'I didn’t like fairy tales when I was younger. I found a lot of fairy tales scary. They really didn’t sit well with me. But I’ve always loved movies that have that kind of fantastical element to them.'
 Overall, the film looks interesting. But compared to some of the other adaptations that are due to come out in 2011, it is definitely not on my 'to watch' list. 

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