Thursday, March 31, 2011


Red Lips:
They never go out of fashion
Anyone can wear them (Providing you find the right shade)
They are sexy
They are EDGY


  1. WEAR NAKED: Dont use too much elsewhere on your face or you will end up looking like a drag queen/80's hooker
  2. LINE IT: Line the inside of your lips with a lipliner the same shade as the lipstick. It prevents any bleeding so you don't look like you've been doing something you shouldn't have!
  3. COLOUR ME BEAUTIFUL: Pick the right shade. 
  4. NAIL CLASH: DONT match lip colour to your nail colour! Avoid nail colour at all if unsure of what looks right!
  5. BLENDER: Try experimenting by blending a few colours together. You can find what looks best for you, as well as having fun doing it!
Enjoy my lovlies!

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