Monday, February 21, 2011

Topshop Unique: Cruella DeVille strikes back

Strutting to Elvis Presley [Ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog] and Annette Funichello [Puppy Love] the models for TOPSHOP:UNIQUE wore Dalmatian inspired clothing with an air of Cruella DeVille.
 There were peter-pan collars and mickey-mouse hairstyles. 
The monochromatic patterned garments mimicked the TOPSHOP MAKE UP packaging whilst the rest of it shined with the childish Disney stories most of us grew up with.
 Head of design Karen Bonser was inspired for this creation by her next door neighbour: Dodie Smith ['101 Dalmatians' author]. She wanted to show how simple black and white could have just as much impact as the primary colours. Feeding off the 30's there was a fringed showgirl dress, a sailor suit, polka-dot tapered trousers and a Dog-spotted faux-fur coat. 
There was an old-school Americana feel to the show - another influence from the Topshop Elite (Topshop opens up wide to America very very soon).
Topshop Unique A/W 2011 was fun and feisty. It reminded me a little of the Marc Jacobs and Jeremy Scott shows at NYFW this year. 
Personally, there arn't many items I would consider wearing. Little stood out to me except the patterned tights and revealing dresses. I would have liked to see something more inspiring than this from Topshop. But as the only high-street store to be featured at LFW, Topshop should still be applauded. 
Is it wearable? Yes. 
Is it original? Sort of. 
Memorable? Of course. 


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