Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lady Grey: Dior

It opens with a fashionable burlesque sequence: Cotillard standing in an hour glass, the sand seductively falling to reveal her body. The next scene involves Lady Grey teasing the audience with her sexuality: by offering one member the key to her dressing room, she offers them herself. The context screams modern day prostitute but John Cameron Mitchell’s film emanates independence and raw burlesque culture. Lady Grey captivates the men she meets. Lord Sutton (Ian McKellan) and Roderick (Russel Tovey) become entranced and personally grow in her presence. Whilst the men she touches become dependent and needy of her, Lady Grey remains autonomous and self-sufficient. She stands alone whilst Lord Sutton and Roderick look on desperately, longingly. This is a tale of sexuality, female independence and strength versus male desperation, and old-school burlesque culture. Lady Grey represents all Dior is. She is a strong, modern woman with classic beauty and class: absolutely timeless. Almost as timeless as the Lady Dior handbag that pops up at various points throughout the film.


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